Tuesday, September 29, 2009

COMBAT 04 ------ Rob King

Combat 04 is a great song part of the brilliant Heroes of Might & Magic III OST composed by awarded musician Rob King... it´s probably the song that best conveys the thrill of battle in any videogame...

Here we have some impressive comments about this song:

***Really addictive. The rythm is so awesome. When listening to this, i get in the real mood for battle!

***I love these drums

***Its so coincidence.. always at 1:44-1:49.. my units will have that moral .. then a Golden Gyphen appear on my Champions Head.. it just rocks.. went the nicest part of the music is played and your greatest unit have another chance to attack

***This song describes how you feel in a battle, powerful, cunning, victorious...
The game and the soundtrack are so legendary :) Very energic strong song. Beautiful. 1.45 makes you think that there's always hope. Really strong.

You definitely can´t miss this one, give it a try!

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