Sunday, November 22, 2009

THE HEART OF DARKNESS ------ Martin Iveson

Not so long ago we were talking about Malice of the Myrkoids, a track we had very little info about out there in the net, part of the MegaCD videogame Soulstar OST... today we are going to rescue another track from that wonderful OST: The Heart of Darkness, used for the exploration missions during the game... it conveys a unique and dense atmosphere... as if the listener was desperately trying to find something lost in the middle of complete darkness...

As mentioned before, apparently, Soulstar OST was composed by Martin Iveson. Martin worked for Core Design and made his first music with the Amiga. When Core Design started to work for Sega in 1992, he composed his best soundtracks for Mega CD, including the ingenious orchestral " Soulstar " compositons. As "Atjazz", he published some CDs which lead more in the Groove/Funk direction.

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