Saturday, January 16, 2010

WHITE SHADOWS ------ Coldplay

Beautifully crafted "White shadows" is a song that truly amazes the listener form the very beginning of the song... it has some kind of positive resonance and amazing power infused in it...

Maybe you'll get what you wanted
Maybe you'll stumble upon it
Everything you ever wanted
In a permanent state.

With a particular guitar sound that reminds a little of U2, this is the typical track that just will get better the more you listen to it!

Have you listened to it?, PLEASE MAKE A COMMENT; let us know if WHITE SHADOWS by Coldplay is a Truly Awesome Song 4 U!


Anonymous said...

really awesome!

rakeback said...

Coldplay is one of the greatest bands of our generation. Chris Martin is an amazing musician and live performer. Keep rocking!

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