Saturday, April 24, 2010

GIVEN UP ------ Linkin Park

"Given Up" is a song by Linkin Park, the song was released as the fourth single from their third studio album Minutes to Midnight.

It is one of the heavier songs on the album. It notably features a eighteen second-long scream by Chester Bennington before the final chorus, as well as a steady guitar riff for the choruses of the song. The scream is split into two 9 second long screams when performed live allowing Chester to catch his breath, although he has completed the full scream in various live performances.

The video consists of live clips from the shows and has been edited together in a sharp, rugged manner which contains short cut scenes with many special effects mainly altering the coloring. Transitions between cut scenes are in a style of warn analog tape distortion giving the video an even more rugged, tough appearance.

Have you listened to it?, PLEASE MAKE A COMMENT; let us know if GIVEN UP by Linkin Park is a Truly Awesome Song 4 U!

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