Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DIG ------ Incubus

"Dig" is the second single released by American alternative rock band Incubus from their sixth studio album Light Grenades (2006). Receiving huge airplay from alternative rock radio stations throughout the United States, "Dig" peaked at number four on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. On the Adult Top 40 chart, it reached number 17, while just breaking the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart with a placement at number 94. This song was also featured in the video game Madden NFL 07.

The band made an unusual choice in letting fans help create the music video for the song by holding a contest called "I Dig Incubus", with the winner possibly having their video used as the official version. The top five contestants were announced on February 1, 2007, with fans then getting the chance to vote on a "Fan-pick".

Carlos "Kaamuz" Oliveira won both the fan pick and band pick with his animation. Some listeners' comments about this song:

"Every time I feel bad or down, I put on my earplugs, turn on my mp3 player and listen to Dig over and over again. I've been doing this for about a year and a half and I still listen to it with the same love. Sometimes I wonder how is it possible to create such an amazing artwork. Stunning."

"Something about this song that makes me reflect on whats going on in my life and how i plan to not give up and keep at it"

"This song is the best on Light Grenades. For me, Dig is a song that you never get tired of hearing. Amazing lyrics. Amazing voice. Amazing band."

A truly awesome song, give it a try!

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