Tuesday, October 27, 2009

STRIPPED ------ Depeche Mode

"Stripped" is Depeche Mode's fifteenth UK single, released on February 10, 1986. It was the first single from the album Black Celebration, and the band's thirteenth overall and sixth consecutive single to hit the UK Top 20, peaking at #15. "Stripped" is well known for its innovative use of sampling. The underlying beat is a distorted and slowed-down sound of a motorcycle engine running, while the main melody begins with a car's ignition starting, and the end uses sounds of fireworks.

The band's U.S. label Sire Records, however, decided to use the B-side "But Not Tonight" in the soundtrack to the movie Modern Girls and included the song on US editions of Black Celebration. As a result, the single was flipped, and released as "But Not Tonight" in the United States. The single did not chart. The band was not happy with this decision, seeing "But Not Tonight" as a useless poppy track recorded in less than a day.

Anyway, this song is a truly awesome masterpiece that you shouldn´t miss!

BTW, the music video for "Stripped" was the last Depeche Mode video to be directed by Peter Care and was filmed outside of Hansa Studios.

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