Saturday, October 3, 2009

METAL SCRATCHIN ------ Hideki Naganuma

"Metal Scratchin" is an amazing song part of the Sonic Rush videogame OST -released for Nintendo DS in 2005-.

The music of Sonic Rush was written by acclaimed Sega composer Hideki Naganuma. It was released in Japan as a CD, SONIC RUSH Original Groove Rush, on November 23, 2005 through Wavemaster Studios. The CD has 45 tracks, seven of which are digital remixes rather than master tracks.

The tune is mainly used for the different boss battles during the game... I think this is some of the best Robotnik boss music. It sounds very mechanical and panicked at the same time. And, as odd as it is for him to be saying "Get ready to be schooled," I think Mike Pollock sounds really good saying it.

Catchy and very powerful, if you are into fast-paced music you can´t miss this one!

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